Margit Aaron Studio

When you move across the country, it is a great adventure, but it is also kind of hard.  We are just now finishing up the moving in/decorating process in our new home.  And that is awesome.  I am not a huge fan of living in transition, so it feels good to be moved in completely.

On a more important note, it is hard to find a new hair stylist!  When I moved to Orange County, it took me nearly a year and about four bad experiences before I found the Margit Aaron Studio for Hair.

My mom found it for me, actually.  When my parents flew out from Hawaii when Paolo was born, she stopped into the studio while she was walking around my neighborhood and made me an appointment.  Which was a great idea.  Mom figured that it wouldn’t be easy for me to have my hair done with a new baby, so she scheduled an appointment for me while she was still in town. So when Paolo was 4 days old, we walked over and she helped me with the baby while Kreisson fixed my hair.  And she was right. I would have been in very bad shape in the following months had she not made this appointment for me.

Oh Kreisson, how I miss you! And Margit!  I am in need of your expertise, and finding a new stylist is never fun.  I wish I could just pop in to see you guys.  Wish me luck on my quest for a new stylist….



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2 responses to “Margit Aaron Studio

  1. liz

    Finding new “service providers” can be so hard. And you aren’t exactly living in a big, vibrant city! Good luck!

    • babyandsofia

      I know, it’s a drag. My mom is in love with her new stylist in Hawaii. I am going to see if I can wait it out until June when I visit her. Apparently he is good with blondes: perfect for me! We’ll see if I can make it….

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