My five-month-old is already shaping up to be a little finicky.  His tee-shirt really does say it all.

With this giant move across the country, I have had to abandon both my frozen breast milk (that would have been a logistical nightmare and possibly quite un-hygenic) and any semblance of a normal schedule (which includes any time to express milk) in California.  Last night I decided that Paolo would be okay, just this one time, if I prepared his organic rice cereal with formula instead of breast milk.

Oh. My. Goodness. Was I ever wrong.

Paolo loves to eat, so he was very excited for his cereal.  I seated him in his Bumbo chair, velcroed on his bib, and offered him the first spoonful.  He, as usual, frantically leaned in to gulp it down.  As the cereal hit his tongue, however, the most disgusted expression spread over his little face.  I had never seen the child so repulsed.  He scrunched up his face and started to gag.  Literally gag. As if the cereal mixed with formula was the absolute most foul substance ever created and was obviously not meant for consumption.  Now, I have seen him spit up before, of course. But gag, as in about to throw up, was something totally new. I had to scrape the remaining cereal from his tongue to cease the gagging. At first I thought that maybe it was just his initial reaction to the taste of formula.  New flavors can be difficult to accept, so I decided to keep trying. Nope. The following two spoonfuls ended up the same way: me scraping them from his tongue.

So, my little guy is already picky. And he’s five months old. In order to get him to eat cereal, it must be mixed with only expressed milk.  Guess we won’t be needing that can of “emergency” formula….Paolo knows what he wants, and it is all natural, baby.

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