Day Six: Dell’Anna Family Road Trip Adventure

We opted to stay in Omaha for one more day.  We spent the day at the Omaha Zoo, which was amazing.  While it is more compact than the San Diego Zoo, there is an incredible amount of animals there.  Because of the Midwest weather, the majority of the animals are kept in indoor, man-made environments. Which were awesome. The Desert Dome and Lied Jungle were amazing, especially the Jungle.  Right as we walked in, there were these itty-bitty little orange monkeys that had come down from the trees to greet their “guests.” I’m sure they were just looking for food, but it was incredible: they were playing only mere inches from us humans.  We also visited the gorillas, bears, big cats, aquarium, and aviary.  Giuseppe visited the Creatures of the Night exhibit, but Paolo and I skipped that one. For obvious reasons. Who wants to see snakes and bats?

And since our camera is broken, we only took video today.  Maybe I should post some of it to YouTube.

It’s been a great day. And it’s IOWA for sure tomorrow!  Here we come.

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