Oh, the magic of a wipie.  (Translation: Wipie=Baby wipe.)

I order our wipies from Costco, so we always have plenty of them in stock. (Ordering online is waaay better than ordering from the store; who wants to wrestle with a giant box when you can have it delivered right to your doorstep?)  Plenty in the diaper bag. And in the cars.  They are magical, magical things. I love them.  Not only do they clean my baby’s bottom, but they clean his face, hands, and spit-up.  It is amazing how they clean.  I discovered their magical powers when cleaning up my newborn’s spit up.  When I would wipe up of the spit-up on my clothes, I realized that they cleaned up my clothes as if the baby had never spit up at all. The same for the sofa upholstery, rugs, duvet cover, and the list goes on…

I then ventured to guess that wipies could clean things other than spit-up and the contents of a diaper. And I was so right.  Spilled hot chocolate: gone.  Marinara sauce: gone. Olive oil: gone. Dusty make-up in cosmetics bag: clean.  Why hasn’t Martha Stewart shared this gem of quick housecleaning and stain removal with the rest of us?  Wipies are amazing. I will, from now until FOREVER, have wipies in my house.

They. Are. Magical.


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  1. Casey Anderson

    I love wipes too. I swipe the bottom of my handbag with them to keep it clean. I’m such a germaphobe that I use a Clipa purse hook to keep it off the floor of public restrooms. Wipes are also handy leaving the park: after the swings and play areas, just wipe those little hands. Plus they’re less drying than alcohol-based hand sanitizer which can irritate toddler skin. Oh and they’re great for cleaning write on white boards that your child probably has at least one of somewhere in the house.

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