Whoa baby

How can something this adorable produce the stinkiest gas in the world?

The pediatrician informed us that one of the reasons Paolo is such a happy baby is that he doesn’t suffer from gas pain. And how did we know this? He is excellent at passing gas.  A pro. (Before I had a baby, I would have thought this was too much information, but not now.)  Having been exclusively breastfeed until recently, Paolo was able to free his stomach of any excess air without making a stink (literally), only some noise.  Which was funny.

Oh my how things have changed.  Since we introduced rice cereal,

Paolo still frees this tummy of excess air, except that now he makes a stink. An adult, make-your-eyes-water, non-baby-like stink.  It is unbelievable. I chose all natural, whole grain, organic rice cereal as his first meal.  And look where that got us.

So we picked up some regular cereal two days ago,

in the hopes that this would produce less potent gas.  We’re still waiting to find out.  All I know is, traveling with a baby that makes this caliber of stink can really get you some funny looks on an airplane.  I’ve been told to just wait until he really starts eating “grown-up” food. Good gracious. We’ll need gas masks to survive.


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7 responses to “Whoa baby

  1. liz

    Yes, the diaper content will change dramatically, too, when food is introduced. All sorts of different colors and textures! Ha, ha!

  2. Amy

    Ditto with the PP. You’ll be amazed at poop now. LOL

  3. At my house it’s called “bleeding the breaks” and the funny part is my 3 1/2 year old will come up to me and say…”I am bleeding the breaks mommy.”…unfortunately for me…that is already evident.

  4. mk

    It’s surprising that you’d buy non-organic just because your kid’s gas stinks. I’d take stinky gas and pesticide-free any day over commercial food products.

    • babyandsofia

      All baby food is all-natural. Taking the organic route is great, but baby food is nothing like processed foods for adults. It hasn’t really made a difference though, so I will go back to organic….

  5. babyandsofia

    Okay, I think I may have found the best solution: Gerber Organic Brown Rice Cereal. It’s organic and the gas seems to have eased up, even if only a little. I hope we continue on the less gas path…!

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