“We need to call the university because I need to be on their rooster.”  Huh? “You know, their rooster. I want to be in it.” At this point I am holding in my laughter, so Giuseppe clarifies:  “You know, the directory….”

Got it: Roster.

After about a year of blogging, I can no longer resist.  Giuseppe says the funniest things in English. I’ve promised him that I wouldn’t publish any of these comic gems, but I just can’t hold it in anymore. Sorry, love.

This little nugget of lingual delight erupted yesterday while Giuseppe was driving me to work; we were discussing the particulars of his year at IOWA State University. (I have decided that Iowa deserves to be capitalized ALL THE TIME.)  Our bank needed to call the university to make sure everything was in order. Giuseppe was worried that there was miscommunication between the institutions, hence the Rooster questions.



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4 responses to “Roosters

  1. Gaetano refers to his soccer team’s player “rooster” in the same manner.

    • babyandsofia

      Haha. It’s like they have certain words that get stuck.

      Giuseppe still slips up and calls the kitchen a “chicken.”

      And hair is ALWAYS plural, as in, “Brook your hair, they look great.”

      And forget about trying to make him remember to say “these” instead of “this.” (“This documents need to be filed tonight.”)

  2. Too funny! My FIL does that a lot, and my MIL told me when I was pregnant I was not allowed to name the baby Doug, she can’t say it an it always comes out Dog.

  3. lindsay

    Haha, that is awesome! when I first started at HOM, Bob referred to the roster as a rooster, too. Jen and I still give him a hard time… you can tell Giuseppe that to make him feel better!


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