Belle amie

We had Paolo’s three-month-old portraits taken last month.  I have not yet picked up the hi-res images from the studio, but our photographer at Belle Amie Studios posted a few of them on her blog. You can see them here.  She does such a great job; I cannot wait to have the photos and develop them in black and white.


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3 responses to “Belle amie

  1. Cristiana

    absolutely beautiful photos!

  2. fiona

    Ciao bella, hope everything is good with you?’?? I’ve discovered a bar in Pozzuoli that gives you a computer and a drink at the same time!!!!! So I am officially back on line! There is a small token on the way for Paolo for St. Patrick’s Day! He has to have his roots taken care of!!! Can’t let the Italians have it all their way!!! For now I want you three to know that I haven’t forgotten you all…Peter wishes you were here too! We miss you and wish that things were easier financially…but the little bird tells us you are going to be here for a month or so this summer ….if true tell me so I can plan ….xxxx

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