On my day off, we went to Babies-R-Us.  Which is my favorite store. Lucky for Giuseppe, I did not discover how delightful it is until I was nine months pregnant.  Imagine the damage I could have done to the limited space in our home and to our bank account had I been in their any earlier, with all of the nesting that was going on.

So, at Babies-R-Us, I wanted to, obviously, purchase the entire store. But I didn’t. I managed to refrain.  Instead I bought a big new Baby Einstein Activity Center for Paolo.  He love love loves it.  He squeals and coos and bangs on everything.  He is so over being reclined in his infant seat or swing during playtime, so this is perfect because he can “stand” up and play. And he can spin around and look at what’s going on all over the room.  It’s four-month-old baby heaven.


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2 responses to “Toys!

  1. Cristiana

    Gosh, this child is absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t even begin to say how mesmerized I am by his gorgeousness…
    One of my best friends, Melissa (she’s an actress as well, and a lovely woman!) …well, she loves Paolino! And how wouldn’t she?How wouldn’t anyone love the little piece of art he is!
    I think he knows the secrets of the world … you can tell he knows by the light in his eyes! He knows everything! Maybe he’s already plotting to conquer the world and establish the new imperishable Paolino’s Empire…

  2. Oh, my could he be any cuter? He has gorgeous eyes!

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