Bilingual baby

Italian is, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous languages alive today.  It is so expressive and so romantic.  (Giuseppe did not speak English when we met and started dating; all of his “wooing” was done in Italian. I LOVED it. Obviously. )  When listening to someone speaking Italian, it is easy to hear the musical quality of the cadence of the language.  We have, of course, elected to raise our children to be truly bilingual: Giuseppe will speak exclusively in Italian to the children and I in English.  Because we live in the U.S. and there will be the constant exposure to English, Italian will be spoken in our home when we are together as a family.  (Side note on my use of the word ‘children’; right now we have one baby, and do plan to have a few more in the coming years. But not just yet.)

Back to our bilingual baby.  This little Napoletano definitely prefers Italiano to English.  If he hears us speaking in Italian, he looks up at us, ready to jump right into the conversation.  (Which he usually does, cooing and squealing away.)  He still responds to me when I speak to him in English, but this little guy has an obvious preference to his papa’s native tongue.  I think it has to be the musicality of the language that attracts his attention, and I hope he continues to love this language as much I do.

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