Last month, Paolo received his first sacrament; he was baptised.  My parents and brothers came from Hawaii and San Diego, and Giuseppe’s mom and sister flew in from Naples and London to help us to celebrate.  We invited a few close friends and relatives, and the celebration it was just perfect.  Our priest from St. Joachim Parish speaks Italian and performed the entire sacrament in Italiano.  The ceremony was splendid; hearing the sacrament in Giuseppe’s native language was beautiful and very moving for him.

After the ceremony, our entire party drove up to Marina del Rey for the BEST PIZZA EVER.  Well, almost ever; the best ever pizza can only be found downtown Napoli.  The only authentic Napoletano pizza in southern California can be found at the Antica Pizzeria.  We reserved the terrace and feasted on delicious antipasti, pizze margharite, and vino.  Oh the vino. It was so delicious.  We ordered bottles and bottles of red Italian wine.  Good thing my dad had already drank quite a bit of it when he picked up the bill.

Our guests thought that we were a little insane to want to drive up to LA for dinner after church, but we were set on having an authentic Napoletano dinner, and it was so worth it.  And everyone was happy and satisfied.  It was a fabulous evening.


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