Four months old.  Exactly four months ago I was huffing and puffing in a Hoag Hospital bed.  It is unbelievable that our little man has been with us for four months already.  It is a giant cliche’, but the time has gone by so incredibly quickly. Paolo is growing so fast. 

He’s huge! Already passing the 18-pound mark!  This week we were visiting with some friends who also have a new baby. Their baby girl is six weeks old, and a FRACTION of the size of our Buddha Baby.  She looked so tiny, maybe weighing a little more than eight pounds.  But this baby girl is gorgeous. In fact, Paolino could not stop staring at her; we pronounced her his first fidanzata. 

So today Paolo Main Dell’Anna is four months old.  I snapped a photo of him sleeping soundly this morning. 


The past few days he has started a new schedule of waking up to eat between 5-6am and then going back to sleep. If I am lucky, he wakes up again before I roll out of the house at 7:45.  He did this morning, and so we took a birthday picture:

He is the most adorable thing in the morning. He wakes up every single day with a giant smile on his face.  And he is such a schnuggler, too. We usually have him bundled up in his footsie pajamas with a Halo Sleep Sack on top.  I love love love these sleep sacks. They are amazing.  I still do not let him sleep with any baby blankets because I am terrorized by the thought of him kicking them up over his face.  When he is in bed with us, I cover him up to the waist with our comforter, as there is no way for him to kick that around.  So the sleep sack keeps him nice and cozy all night long. It is really a fab baby invention.

Four months old!

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  1. Christine

    He is getting so big! And Brook you are looking gorgeous! I miss you guys!

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