Breaking the rules

So this morning I arrived  to work thinking that I have on very cute and coordinated outfit. I have on a red, brown, and white dress over a brown slip, brown knee boots, and little white cardigan with pearls to top it off.  Cute, right? Well, in theory, yes. Until I got to work and realized that I do not have on brown tights, but black ones. Yes, BLACK ones.  Nice.
I guess this is what I get for breaking baby rules.  Giuseppe and I have broken the major modern sleeping rule of putting baby to sleep alone in his crib and instead have a “family bed.”  We usually put Paolo down to sleep in his cradle, which we have situated at the foot of our bed.  BUT when he wakes up to nurse, we bring him in the bed with us, where he sleeps and nurses soundly until the next morning. Granting all of us a better night’s rest. 
How does this relate to my mismatched stockings? Well, since the baby sleeps in our room, I do not turn on the lights when I get dressed because waking a sleeping bebe is one rule that I do not break.  So I stumble around in the dark trying to find a matching outfit.  Which, unfortunately, does not always work out. 
Is it worth it? Absolutely. 
Especially since I have gone back to work, the night time nursing seems to be something that Paolino is demanding even more.  Since he was about 6 weeks old, he would wake up once during the night and then sometimes once very early in the morning to nurse.  Sometimes he would even sleep straight through the night.  When I went back to work, though, I noticed that he was waking up two to three times every night to nurse.  And the days that I am home with him, with the ever-ready supply of baby food, he goes back to one nightly nursing session.  I think he is trying to catch up on his nursing time during the week nights. (He’ll take the bottle, but definitely prefers to nurse with me.   Which I am happy to do, but the timing is not ideal for my beauty rest.) The days I have work, I am usually awake a lot longer at night as opposed to the days when I can stay home. So I arrive to work a little sleepy. Wearing unmatching outfits.
But I have a snuggly, happy bebe and that makes everything worth it.  Even breaking the rules.


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3 responses to “Breaking the rules

  1. capatosta

    Sounds exactly like little G. He slept in our bed until he was about 8 mos old, against my better judgment. He nursed all night–but that was a definite improvement over screaming all night, which is what he did for the first 6 weeks of his life. Don’t worry about it…my motto is “Do what you gotta do!”

  2. babyandsofia

    Oh my goodness. I could not imagine a screaming baby at night! I think we are very lucky; Paolino is not a screamer…just an EATER. I have come realize that if I follow a specific category of parenting styles, I would have to say that I am an “attachment” parent-er. I like to “wear” my baby. I like the family bed. I like to hold my baby. I do not let him “cry it out.” (Ever. He’s too little!) But, being as he is so mellow, this “style” of parenting works for us.

  3. Patty

    The family bed was part of our life till Jenny was almost 11 (years that is…not months). The time goes by so FAST…enjoy every minute, cuddling, holding, and loving! The next thing you know, they will be teenagers…and there is a reason for the teens years!! (Seperation becomes easier!)
    So enjoy!!
    Love reading your blogs.

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