For my entire life, I have been one to worship warm weather and constant sunshine (as evidenced by my post-college decisions to live in southern Italy and now southern California).  In the past few months, however, I have started to miss the refreshing sensation of a cool breeze and of cooler temperatures.  I do not entirely understand it; in the past, the mere thought of cold weather stressed me right out. Now, it sounds like heaven.  What happened?  (Pregnancy?  Being in my mid-twenties? Who knows!?)  The past several days, have been, indeed, a little slice of heaven.  The temperatures have cooled right off, and we even got some rain! It is glorious.  I can take the baby out for long walks without burning up. AND I can wear my Uggs.

I know that not everyone loves the Uggs, but I have been addicted to this brand of boot for approximately 6 years.  Once I tried them on for the first time, I was hooked. Trends aside, there is no other shoe more comfortable.  (Speaking of footwear trends, I am completely guilty of jumping on the bandwagon and never jumping back off. When I am not in the office, there is a good chance that I will either be wearing my Uggs or my Havaianas, depending on the weather. I know, I know.  But they are just so comfortable.)

Anyway, these cooler temperatures and occasional rain have arrived perfectly in time for the holiday season and I am just loving it.  Everything seems a bit more festive when it is cooler outside and who doesn’t love that?


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