All smiles

Paolo turned 6 weeks old yesterday, and he is all smiles. He becomes more and more expressive each day, and it is such a joy to interact with him.  And, all of the sudden, he can hold his head up and look around.  He has to really concentrate to hold his head up and he is so incredibly curious.  He loves to be held up to my shoulder so that he can look around from an upright position.

Uncle Zack was up for the weekend, and so we caught up on some football games and relaxed.  On Saturday evening, we went to mass and discussed the details of Paolo’s baptism with our priest.  We scheduled the baptism for the end of January, when both sets of grandparents and all of the aunts and  uncles can attend.


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  1. Aunt Jackie

    Hi Brook….I printed this photo of Paolo for Grdma and Grdpa. Paolo really looks like a photo of your Dad that we all remember!!Hope everyone is well and you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving in HI. Love from all of us

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