Chillin' with Mamma

Today Paolo is one month old.  Our little man is growing so quickly.  He has definitely found his voice, and lets us know what he wants.  Today was also the day that I have started to put him on a schedule.  After reading the book “Babywise,” I was convinced of the beauty of a baby on a schedule.  It has not been too hard yet, as he was already pretty good about eating every 2 or 3 hours.

EXCEPT AT NIGHT.  The child wakes up with the night; it’s unbelievable.  Some nights are okay, but most nights he will stay awake for 3-4 hours.  Which makes me very tired.  And then he is tired, too, and sleeps a bit too much during the day.  I try to nap when he naps during the day, but it is hard!  I did take a nice little nap this afternoon, though, and it was glorious.

Scheduling problems aside, he is a very sweet baby.  He is developing quickly, already holding his head up and smiling/laughing at us.  And boy, does Paolo love to take a bath!  It is the funniest thing to watch him in the bath. At first, he is a little nervous, but once we lower him into the sink, a smirk melts across his little face and doesn’t come off until we take him out.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Here he is taking his first real bath at home.  He looooved it.  Now he has outgrown the little tub and we just put him directly into the sink, although it is still a group effort for Giuseppe and I.  He holds the babe and I wash him.  It’s funny how much fun it is to give your baby a bath;  who would’ve known we would be so entertained by this little one!?

Rub a dub dub




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4 responses to “Complemese

  1. Cathy

    He is soooo perfect!!!

  2. janie schmitz-west

    Oh my gosh he is so beautiful,,,,,,, jack bathed up to 5 times a day when he was a baby he loved the sink!!!!

  3. Christine

    The baby is so cute! I can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving! We’re very excited for the trip to Hawaii! Aloha!

  4. Kim Ocampo

    Paolo is so gorgeous! Congrats to you both. Don’t worry too much about the schedule. Your little man will fall into a nice rhythm in his own time. Ledger found his rhythm at about 2 months. Best wishes to your beautiful family, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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