Snug as a bug in a rug

When we first brought the baby home from the hospital, his car seat seemed so huge and uncomfortable for his itty-bitty baby body.  When he was about 2 weeks old, I took him to Babys-R-Us to buy what I think is the car seat equivalent of a Snuggie.  It is this cozy insert that cocoons his little body in the car seat.   This new snuggie-like contraption, in addition with the fact that he seems to have doubled in size, seem to make his car seat much more comfortable.  And he love love loves going for car rides and in the stroller.  He likes to snuggled.  In fact, during the day, he has started taking some of his naps in a sling. This is great for me, as I actually “wear” my baby and do things around the house AT THE SAME TIME. It’s glorious.


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  1. Too cute with the little mitts.

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