One week ago today

Our beautiful baby boy

…our little angel, Paolo Main Dell’Anna, was born.  He made his grand entrance into this world at 2:49 pm on Sunday, October 11th, 2009.  He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 19 inches long.

First bath at the hospital

I went into labor just before 5 am on Sunday morning.  My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, and we arrived to the hospital at 7 am.  I was already dilated to 4 centimeters.  The pain was incredible, and it brought on horrible nausea between each contraction.  Luckily, I progressed very quickly, and a bit after noon, I was ready.  I was so exhausted, though, that the nurse suggested that I rest for a while before I started pushing.  (Oh, the beauty of an epidural!)  So I rested until about 2 pm, and then the doctor was called into the room.  The rest was easy and I had my beautiful baby in my arms 4o minutes later.   He is perfect and an absolutely sweet baby.  We left the hospital on Tuesday just after lunch.  (When we came home, my darling parents had prepared a delicious celebratory lunch for us at our apartment. And Sofia got to meet the baby, whom she promptly licked on the head.)

At the hospital

Snuggled up for the ride home

Papa bringing baby Paolo upstairs

Meeting Sofia

I can’t believe how much he’s grown in this week alone.  At his doctor’s appointment on Friday, he had already gained back his birth weight plus an ounce, and had grown an inch!

We had a fantastic week.  The hospital stay was great; all the nurses were very helpful and we were able to rest before coming home.  My parents flew in from Hawaii for the week, and Zack was up from San Diego all week as well. It was so nice to spend time together, and it was hard to say goodbye to them on Saturday.  Since they’ve left, Paolo and I have spent all of our time eating, napping, and cuddling.  I could not be happier.



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3 responses to “One week ago today

  1. nonna Lidia

    Al piccolo,splendido Paolo
    i nonni Ettore e Lidia e lo zio Marco, un po’tristi per non potere esserti vicino ma felicissimi che tu sia un bimbo sano e bellissimo, ti dedicano tutta la forza del loro amore che possa oltrepassare l’oceano ed arrivare fino a te per aggiungersi all’amore dei tuoi genitori e dei tuoi nonni e zii materni così da rendere la tua venuta al mondo calda e trabboccante di felicità e di amore

  2. Lidia Dell'Anna

    Al piccolo , splendido Paolo
    i nonni Ettore e Lidia con lo zio Marco ti donano tutta la forza del loro amore così che possa attraversare l’Oceano ed arrivare fino a te per unirsi all’amore dei tuoi genitori, dei tuoi nonni e zii materni per riempire la tua venuta al mondo di gioia e felicità.

  3. Christine

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see you next week! xoxoxox

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