38 weeks

I survived week 38.  I was incredibly poofy, more so than this week, now that I’m at the very, very end.  (Labor, please begin soon!)  I spent most of the week at home, finishing the nursery, doing small projects around the house, going to doctor and hospital appointments, and mostly trying to keep my feet up to keep the swelling to a minimum.  On Saturday night, we went out, for a late dinner at Javier’s with some friends.  I thought it was a good time for a bump photo:

At Javier's

And, here I am, a few days prior, on my way to a doctor’s appointment, just outside our apartment.  I may sound redundant, but I must stress how poofy I am.  Oh the joy.  On a much more positive note, the weather is finally cooling off: it has been hovering around 70 degrees. Which. Is. Glorious.  I have even been able to turn off the air conditioning and enjoy the lovely early autumn breezes.  My pregnant body could not be more happy about this turn of the weather.

On B Street


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  1. Courtney

    you look absolutely beautiful, brook! i cannot wait (as i’m sure you can’t either)! ahh, miss you so much. this is sooo exciting!!!

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