The nursery

…is finished! Finally. I have organized the room and Giuseppe has constructed everything. It is quite cute; now I only need to find some art to hang on the walls.  I don’t want to put up just anything as decoration, I want to find something unique that will last.  I plan to scour some markets this week and see what I can find.  If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.  (The room is primarily white and blue with brown. I have considered painting something myself; this may become a postpartum project.)

The other night, when Giuseppe finished putting together the baby swing, he insisted that we leave it in living room, positioned as a regular piece of furniture.  His explanation was very logical: “The baby will need somewhere to hang out with us in the living room.”  So he can, you know, watch movies with us and such. And now we have lamb swing in our living room.  At least it’s an adorable swing, complete with lambie ears.

Lamb Cradle 'N Swing


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  1. Katy

    He’s right… me, me be thankful he thought of this now. Chris and I moved the swing in between the living room and Riley’s room for probably about the first 3 weeks, before we thought, “Hey maybe we should just leave it in the living room!!!” Uggghh!! Hope that baby gets here soon.

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