MINI Cooper

How do the Europeans do it?  I drive a MINI Cooper, and am having quite the time trying to find an infant car seat that fits comfortably in the back AND allows someone to sit up front.  I mean, what is the deal? It is a very common car both here and abroad, and I know for a fact that it is a “family car” in Europe.  I think I may have a seat now that works, but I need to stop by the Fire Department and have them inspect the situation.  I have also called the local MINI dealership and got the name of a staff member who drives her MINI with her babies and children.  I was told that she will be in tomorrow morning at 8am and you can bet I will be calling her at approximately 8:03 to pick her brain. 

At first, I was having full-on crazy-pregnant-lady panic attacks over this, complete with the crying and the panicking. And then I slept on it and realized that there has to be a solution.  I am feeling calmer now, but I must admit that I am still a little nervous. Giuseppe promised to take me to the Tustin Fire Department tomorrow after work…Here’s to hoping they “okay “our car seat!

But really, I know that everything in America is bigger, but what is the deal?  Overseas, a couple wouldn’t blink an eye over having a MINI and a baby, but here is it is this huge deal. One of the guys at Babies R Us told us that we would just have to buy a new car as opposed to a different car seat…I’m sure you can imagine my response to that.  Being on maternity leave is not exactly the most perfect time to be purchasing a new vehicle. And besides, I like my car and I am so not ready to give it up!  The nerve.

I realized today that I have not posted a bump photo of me at 37 weeks.  Oops. I feel like a giant blowfish anyway…Maybe I’ll take one this week at 38 weeks, as having such pictures out in the open will be excellent incentive for me to drop the weight after the baby comes!


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