36 weeks: puffy puff puff

Just call me Mrs. Puffy Puff Puff McPufferson. Nine months along and I am so super puffy: my hands, feet, and face are positively plump. I must be retaining quite a bit of water.  My rings don’t really fit anymore, and most of my shoes AND sandals are pretty tight.  I’m not really a huge fan of this photo, but it’s all that I have.  I hope I don’t look this puffy all the time.  So,  yeah, nice.  I have an excellent self-image right now.  (Ha. Ha.)  At least I’m nearing the end!  Here I am standing in our almost-completed living room, with Sofia, of course, standing next to me. She is so funny.  She always follows me around AND this bookshelf is near the closet where we keep her food, lead, and treats.  Whenever we are in the vicinity of this closet, she sticks like glue and behaves very, very well in the hopes of either food or a walk.

Mrs. Puff Puff Puffy McPufferson


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