Prepared childbirth

Yesterday, Giuseppe and I attended our Prepared Childbirth Class.  I must say that it was very informative, and it reminded us that we still have quite a bit to do before the baby comes next month.  Among other things in our long to-do list this month (besides do the nursery), I need to interview pediatricians, chose a pediatrician, sign up for a nursing class, take a nursing class, bring the car seat to the Fire Department to be safety checked, and wash all of the baby clothes and blankets.  Not too bad.  The class showed me that I am mostly prepared (well, as prepared as one can be for the arrival of the first baby) for childbirth, and also answered a lot of specific questions we had about labor and delivery.  Giuseppe was so adorable. He was totally into the class, taking notes and planning. 

After the course, we went to a birthday party; our good friends’ daughter, Layla, was celebrating her 5th birthday. It was too cute and the children were certainly having a great time while the adults ate deliciously and enjoyed some rich wine.  The highlight of the party, I’m sure, was the life-sized princess pinata.  It was a tough pinata, and had Gene not taken some aggression out on it, I don’t think it would have ever broken apart.  One of the other guests, a woman near my age, was a doula.  What a great coincidence; she was full of great advice and insight.  I have decided that we will stay home for the early stages of labor and not go into the hospital until I am in active labor.  We have decided this mostly because we want to avoid a C-section if at all possible. And the last thing I want is to be given a C-section because my labor is progressing slowly, so the shorter amount of time spent in the hospital during the early stages, the better.  However, if the C-section is medically necessary, I am, of course, all for it.  We’ll have to see what happens!


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