35 weeks

Whoa mamma: 35 weeks

Whoa mamma.  Look at this gigantic baby in my belly.  This is me at 35 weeks along, with my belly sticking straight out. How can it grow more this month? I feel like it is already as big as it can get!  (On a positive note, I have yet to get a single stretch mark! I hope I don’t jinx myself…)

We have unpacked our living room and kitchen.  I still need to organize our bathrooms, do the nursery, and hang all of our art.  Hopefully, we’ll be all finished within a week or two.  The nursery is still in boxes in our garage, so Giuseppe has to help me get everything inside. Once it’s all inside and the furniture is assembled, I am going to make that room the cutest nursery ever.



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2 responses to “35 weeks

  1. Courtney

    Brook, sei bellissima! Miss you, and so excited to see (pics of) baby Dell’Anna soon!!

  2. Katy

    Proud to say I had a whopping 10lb boy and not 1 single stretch mark to show for it!! Praise God!!!

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