Big bump: 34 weeks

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of frantic activity, and we forgot to document week 33.  The shame!  This move has drained us of all of our energy, and it is a slow process. It’s amazing how being eight months pregnant can really slow one down. I mean really slow one down.  Giuseppe has been amazing…In fact, so far, he has unpacked about 80% of everything in our house.    Now, I just have to finish organizing everything and, of course, finish decorating.  Then I will begin the nursery. Phew.

(Last night I had the most vivid dream about our baby. It was amazing; in my dream he is such a sweet little baby and we could not have been happier.  I think this is an excellent premonition.  I woke up feeling very, very happy.)

Here I am with my big ol’ bump out, at 34 weeks.  Until Giuseppe took this picture, I did not realize that I actually look quite tired.  How glad I am that a long weekend is approaching!

34 weeks


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