By the way, I am in search of the perfect rocker or glider. I currently have a super plush chair in the nursery, but it does not rock nor glide.  And everything I like seems to cost upwards of $1,000, which I think is an absolutely ridiculous sum of money for a nursery chair.  Any practical suggestions?


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  1. Amy

    Brook – I started with a $50 craigslist find as I was on your same page that a chair costing nearly a thousand dollars is way ridiculous. However, after spending hours upon hours in a semi-comfortable chair nursing, cramping myself into ungodly positions to keep my body in tact, my husband broke down and bought me one of the over the top chairs. I’m too embarrassed to say how much we spent, but I will tell you, it is AMAZING! The only way I was able to rationalize the cost was knowing how many hours I would spend in that chair over the next few years nursing babies. I won’t pressure you to buy one of the pricey ones now, but don’t feel too guilty when you do breakdown and get one. So far, its worth every penny : )

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