amy coe

As I posted earlier in my pregnancy, I have had my heart set on very specific furniture for the nursery for some time now.  I recently purchased the crib, but had not yet purchased the dresser/changer.  I was waiting to purchase all of the furniture until we were moved into our new residence, as to avoid having to move it.  We moved into our new place on Wednesday night; on Friday I went online to order the dresser/changer.  And it was temporarily UNAVAILABLE.  I immediately went into crazy-pregnant-lady-panic mode. I teared up, thinking “OH NO, THE BABY IS GOING TO ARRIVE BEFORE I HAVE THE NURSERY READY.” I could not think of a worse situation.  I mean, who knows how long it was going to be unavailable, and I need it very, very soon.  So I searched the deepest depths of the internet, googling frantically, looking for this dresser:,,,,, craigslists across the nation, you name it.  It was absolutely no where to be found.  I am sure you can imagine my state of total panic.  

That is when I decided it was time to take action, time to go directly to the source.  I called the designer, amy coe’s, shop, located in Connecticut, and left a very lengthy message regarding my desperate situation, hoping that someone would call me back. And they did! (I am now a giant fan of amy coe and her staff.)  It was miracle.  They let me know that the popularity of the piece had led to its unavailability, and it would be back in online stores within a few weeks.  I was so overjoyed.  I cannot describe just how happy this made me.  (And this call coincided with the delivery of my new refrigerator, so it was a double-whammy of happiness.)

A few minutes ago, I was checking my email and….THE DRESSER IS NOW AVAILABLE.  I didn’t waste a single moment: I pulled out my credit card and ordered that gorgeous piece of furniture immediately, with a giant smile on my face.   It should get here late next week.

Oh the joys of being super pregnant; my emotions seem to have totally taken control, especially of anything regarding the baby.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to set up the nursery.  It’s going to be adorable.



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3 responses to “amy coe

  1. Katy

    That was totally me with my crib. When we went to the store to buy the crib and it was out of stock until what would have been 2 weeks until after Riley was born the poor man working there suggested I look at another one!!!!! What!!!! He must not have known what he was getting into when he got a job in a baby boutique!! Needless to say obviously I got the one I wanted, but there were lots of tears along the way as well!! It was okay though because Riley stayed in our room for the first few weeks anyway!! Hahaha! The joys of pregnancy emotions!!!

  2. Brook

    Oh my! That poor salesman. If he only knew! I was getting to the point of thinking that I would to return the furniture that I had already purchased and START OVER with a new set entirely. And that thought absolutely overwhelmed me. I got sleepy just THINKING about it. And the changer/dresser is set to arrive any day now. (And my curtains will arrive today. Oh happy day!)

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