Pregnancy chair

Loving my new chair

When I was away in Iowa, Giuseppe purchased this reclined chair and ottoman for me as a surprise late anniversary gift.  (We celebrated our two-year anniversary on June 29th.)  And I love this piece of furniture.  It’s reclined just enough for me to give my belly some space AND it has an ottoman.  Ottomans are SO MUCH BETTER than the coffee table!  I spend quite a bit of time on this chair, particularly after a long day when my feet and ankles are particularly swollen.   Giuseppe could not have given me a more perfect gift.  He is the best.



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3 responses to “Pregnancy chair

  1. Dania

    He’s so darling, what a nice surprise to come home to!

  2. Christine

    Looking gorgeous sweets! So happy to see that you and G-Man are doing so well! xoxo

  3. janina gray

    Hi Brook! You look beautiful and happy, and you are both so lucky to have each other. It sounds like you are enjoying life a lot, despite the discomfort of the pregnancy in the heat. I know what that is like! Sid was born in India!
    Love to you, Giuseppe and Sofia

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