Last night, we had another couple over for dinner, and we prepared a simple Italian meal.  Giuseppe made his delicious bruschetta, and I put out cheeses, fruit, and olives for antipasto, and then served pasta alla bolognese.  It was simple, but good.

I thought I would share Giuseppe’s recipe for bruschetta. (“Bruuh-sket-ah”) It is so simple, yet so scrumptious:

(1)  Dice approximately 15 cherry tomatoes, and set aside in a small bowl.  (2) Finely slice 2 gloves of fresh garlic and add to the diced tomatoes.  (3) Sprinkle dried oregano and sea salt into the tomato/garlic salsa to taste.  (4) Using fresh baguette, slice thin slices of bread, and roast in the oven until golden brown.  (5) Spoon tomato salsa over the cooked baguette.  (6) Add a dollop of extra-virgin olive oil over each bruschetta and serve.

Easy, right?

Giuseppe making his delicious bruscetta



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