70th wedding anniversary: Storm Lake, Iowa


Grandpa Main, 93, and Grandma Main, 89

Last weekend, August 1 and 2, I flew to the motherland for a family reunion. I met my dad in Omaha, Nebraska, and from there we traveled to his hometown of Storm Lake, Iowa.  It was quite the event, as it was a family reunion-slash-70th wedding anniversary celebration for my Grandparents. 70 years! How incredible is that?

Here is a fun then-and-now; the first photo looks like it was taken when Dad was in early teens, so about 30-35 years ago. The second one is from this weekend.






We had a very lovely time in Storm Lake: we stayed at a questionable mom-n-pop hotel, visited with our millions of relatives, visited Dad’s old house on Ontario Street, attended mass at the family church, visited the memorial to my Uncle Jim Sampers, and toured around the little picturesque town.  I must say, for a tiny midwestern town, Storm Lake is adorable.

Ontario Street

Ontario Street


Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

All nine of aunts were there, and most of their families were in attendance as well. And how cute is my Grandpa? I can’t believe that he is 93 years old.  He looks great and his memory is amazing. I was chatting to him about our life here in Orange County, forgetting that he has spent quite a bit of time here, visiting his sisters.  I was telling him how we were going from Newport Beach to Old Town Tustin, and he knows all about Tustin. His sister used to live here!  It really surprised me, because Tustin is such a little town that no one has heard of unless they are from around here.

Love the signature hat

Love the signature hat

It was great to see everyone!


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  1. Aunt Jackie

    Brook, I love the pic with Grdpa in the hat!!Thanks for coming out to Ia..we loved seeing you and your Dad!

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