Glorious invention

the glorious invention

Giuseppe and I have put a deposit on a new place to live, begining August 31st.  It was a difficult decision, as we are very happy in our current residence, but decided it was time to go for a number of reasons.  One, the new place is very close to Giuseppe’s job, which will virtually eliminate his commute.  Also, I am being transferred to Laguna Beach, so my commute would be will be longer no matter what, considering the tourist traffic there.  And lastly, of course, we are re-budgeting in preparation for baby!  (The new place is less costly.)

Last night we were discussing our plans to furnish and organize the new apartment.  I brought up the fact that we will need to purchase a new refrigerator, and we were discussing our options.  This segued into the fact the new place does not have a dishwasher, which is an appliance that Giuseppe has grown to adore.  He wants to purchase a portable dishwasher for the kitchen, but I argued that this is a bit of a frivolous expense, as it will be only the two of us and the baby.  We don’t exactly dirty an excessive amount of dishes each day.  (And I plan to nurse, using minimal bottles.)

His reply was this: “I don’t care if it is a bit expensive; the dishwasher is a GLORIOUS INVENTION.”  How could I counter that?



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3 responses to “Glorious invention

  1. Aunt Jackie

    I agree with Giuseppe, the dishwasher is indeed a GLORIOUS INVENTION! I would choose it over my oven and various other appliances!

  2. Katy

    You think you don’t have many dishes now, and that washing dishes for 3 isn’t that bad, but wait until that includes bottles and all sorts of other misc. baby items!! You will thank him for it later trust me!!

  3. Dania Hill

    Indeed, the dishwasher is a “Glorious Invention.” Best of luck with your move and can’t wait to see you post pics of your new place.

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