Corona del Mar

Last week, Giuseppe picked me up from work and whisked me off to lovely picnic lunch at the beach in Corona del Mar.  It was nice to get out of the office for an hour and spend it at the beach! We had a lovely little lunch, although I must say that I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I AM ALWAYS SWELTERING.  The weather here is not even severe, it’s usually sunny and in the 70s, but no matter: I am constantly burning up. 

For example, my Aunt Patti was visiting us over the weekend, so we were out and about yesterday, to sight-see.  We took her to Father Joe’s mass in Westminster with Sylvia, then we all went to lunch at a yummy Middle Eastern restaurant. After, we went to Huntington Beach and to Balboa Peninsula. All places were lovely and we had a great time.  Unfortunately, I was ungraciously HOT the entire time!  I finally cooled off when we went to a tennis tournament last night and were all sitting up in the open air stadium. Giuseppe and Patti were freezing, but I was PERFECT.  It was glorious, until they got too cold and we had to leave. 

Imagine if I lived somewhere that actually has very hot and humid summers, like in the South or on the East Coast!  (Oh goodness…I can’t even imagine being pregnant in bella Napoli over the summer! Emer! How are you doing?)

Anyway, here are a couple shots from our yummy mid-week beach picnic.


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  1. Dania Hill

    Bella, you look beautiful. Love the belly shot in this one. Send me your new addy please

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