Good idea

This non-binding vote has been fun and oddly entertaining. Here are some of my fave responses (from TIKI of course!):

From Matt Dolan:

1.      Matteo (listen to the ring with the Main Dell’Anna) the flow of “Matteo Main Man Dell’Anna” is like Bob Main on the I-pod after a couple beers – smooth as silk.  Like Justin on the dance floor – you get the idea – smooth.
2.      Roberto is my second choice for obvious reasons – plus it also flows well.
3.      Paulo is my third choice because it is too late to rename Annie after my Tiki buddy (I tried but she balked).  At minimum, Paulo Borkowski can know I had influence in naming some other kid after him.  I would go with Paulo Borkowski Main Man Dell’Anna as he will not get beat up in first grade with a name like that.
4.      Ricardo Main Power Ranger Knapp Dell’Anna: The kid will be happy and a good golfer.
5.      John Locke – kid will have like 9 lives and live on a cool island plus it may be an interesting twist for next season.

Disnamer Disclaimer: Please note that solicitation of my opinion renders this agreement binding and receipt and review of this e-mail obligates the recipient to naming the child as directed above in the first paragraph.  Please consult an expensive attorney now or name your child as directed hereto, foreto, and thereto to avoid expensive litigation in the near future.

V/r Matteo Main Man Dolan

From Paul Borkowski:                                                                                                                                                                                               
Other than Paolo

How about “Lamanski V. Finch Main Dell’ Anna”?

Lamanski – Where Northern Europe meets Southern Europe – Different, cool, hip, now, wow;  V. – Roman numeral “5” Italian, first number to be used in a lotto ticket selection; Finch – The name of the “Angry Elf” in the movie Elf, Matteo’s favorite movie; Main – Because we were directed to use the name: Dell’ Anna – Reportedly this is Giuseppe’s child.





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2 responses to “Good idea

  1. Gene

    Brook. I vote for Roberto. And not because that is your Dad’s name. Certainly, there is no room for bias in this situation. Roberto is a stalwart, timeless, masculine name that will be widely understood in any country with Latin roots. Plus, if he takes to tobacco chewing, he can always revert to Bob.

    If this kid is going to grow up in the USA, Giorgio and Gianluca must be avoided – names like that will get him into lots of trouble on the playground.

    Please, no Giorgio or Gianluca.


    Your Pal,


  2. Jody Main

    You guys make me laugh..when are we buying enough tiki huts for us all to live in so we can drink wine, dance, laugh and raise our kids? (Well ok, I mean raise my grandkids but I can help the rest of you raise your kids).

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