Non-binding name vote

Buongiorno tutti!   Giuseppe and I have “narrowed” our baby name decision down to five names.  We would love to hear your input…Non-binding of course!  The middle name will definitely be my maiden name, Main; so the baby’s name will be _______ Main Dell’Anna.  Here are the choices:






We would love to hear your favorite! Comment on your favorite, and I will compile the numbers.  Happy voting!



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25 responses to “Non-binding name vote

  1. Amanda

    Giorgio… I like the way it rolls off the rongue (with an italina accent of coures hahahah)

    And I didn’t know how to say the last one so I just discarded it – maybe my vote will change if I learn the correct pronuciation

  2. Aunt Jackie

    Roberto for obvious reasons!! Did we tell you we called your father “Rob” until he went to college? Miss you all, hoping to see you this summer!!

  3. Lindsey

    I love Paolo!
    Or Joseph (isn’t that Guiseppe in English??)

  4. jody main

    Until college? Cathy still calls him Rob and I love it!! For you non-Italy friends, the last name listed is pronounced Jon Luca….

  5. janina gray

    I vote for Giorgio! Auguri!
    Un bacio

  6. Abby

    Gianluca! Gianluca! Gianluca! That is my vote!

  7. Paul Ocampo

    Giorgio sounds good with “Main”…also sounds like “Sergio” which I like.

    Gianluca is my 2nd choice (though he may have to correct pronounciation frequently).

  8. sadj

    I like Paolo. I like the way it sounds as it rolls into Main Dell’Anna.

  9. Dora

    Gianluca. That is a beautiful name! And it pairs perfectly with Dell’Anna.

  10. nicole butts

    Okay i have to be the odd man out but i luv the name gianluca! we can call him GG or luca for short! love and miss you guys!

  11. Lidia

    Mi piacciono molto i nomi Roberto e Giorgio che suonano bene con Main Dell’Anna, forse qualche preferenza in più per Roberto…perchè mi piace il diminutivo Rob…


  12. Cristiana

    Rob(erto) Main Dell’Anna sounds just like a moviestar!!!

  13. Roberto

    Such a fun thing to do and keep record of. So excited for you Brook!

  14. Borkowski Girls

    Mamma B- First choice Paolo. Second choice Giuseppe

    Sarah B – Paolo

    Leah B – Paolo Second choice Giuseppe

    Allie B – still sleeping

    I am a little concerned with Roberto. If the name gets shortened to Bob, it may be difficult to spell on a birthday cake! Remember?

  15. Jesse Schmitz-Boyd

    I like Roberto. or Gianluca.

  16. John-John Keane

    the Keane boys vote for Paolo, Mommy Keane has a divided vote- Gianluca or Roberto. And Daddy Keane votes for Roberto and Paolo. Go figure! Sorry, you have chosen way too may perfect names. Good luck with the decision.
    Love you soo much, Cis, Chris & Boys

  17. Aljabi Family

    The Aljabi’s voted unanimously (5 votes) for ….
    God bless

  18. Chelsea

    giorgio…i agree with brenda…so GQ : )

    i also really like gianluca because it’s so original…no one would have the same name as him at school : )

  19. Courtney

    I love Giuseppe – but a little wary about confusion that can come with having the same name…

    I’m very decisive – I love them all:)
    Have to say, love Roberto (and that ties in both sides of the fam)! and love Giorgio!!!

  20. Jenn

    I’m keeping with my first choice from when you still had girl names in the mix…Gianluca!!!

    Love all the new photos…the tiger is amazing!

  21. Sylvia

    I like Paolo, but what do you really like?
    Good luck deciding. I’m glad I had to decide for a girl name.


  22. Jody Main

    I am having a very hard time deciding between Roberto and Georgio. xxooxoxox

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