Swimming lessons

Sofia is a giant baby when it comes getting wet, which is suprising as she is a very athletic dog.  As most of you know, she can jump high walls, squeeze through fences, and run like the wind.  Unfortunately, she never voluntarily gets in the water.  Last weekend, we decided that enough was enough and forced her to swim with us.   Giuseppe got in the pool, and slowly pulled her in the water with him, bribing her with treats.  She is a very good swimmer, as she demonstrated to us immediately,  but did not like it one little bit.  On the third trip into the pool, she finally broke away from Giuseppe, swimming really well and really fast.  We were so proud; everyone started cheering “Good girl Sofia!”  Then, we realized that she was swimming so fast because she was attempting escape from the pool, as she hoisted herself up and out on the opposite side!  Sneaky, sneaky.  So, she’s not a water-lover…maybe with time, though, as we plan to continue to force her to “have fun” in pools.

Here she is drying off in the sun after her swimming adventures:



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