Escape artist

My little schiester, Sofia, decided to make a break for it last night.  Since moving to California, she’s only decided to go out for a solo stroll one other time.  Last night, though, she really took off.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was taking the garbage out the back door and she scurried through my legs and outside.  It was awful, and really unlike her.  Usually she stays put.  Not last night.  I had to haul my pregnant self around the neighborhood, clumsily running and calling for her.  I eventually went back home and got the car to drive around the neighborhood.   

Thankfully, I received a phone call not too long thereafter from a teenager who found Sofia; she and little sisters were playing with her.  I was so relieved and SO grateful.  The people that found her live more than a mile away from our house.  It’s a miracle that Sofs wasn’t hit by car on her adventure!  Tonight, I will be bringing some thank-you chocolates to those sweet girls who found my doggie! 

(I’m still kind of mad at Sofia. What was she thinking, that little shiester?)


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