Decisions, decisions

I am experiencing extreme choices-overload.

There is just too much cute baby gear out there. How am I supposed to decide what I want for the nursery?  There are too many adorable choices.  I have decided to go with a white, green, and blue theme for the nursery.  I have some furniture picked out, but I simply cannot decide on the bedding and curtains.  I will probably end up going with simple, clean decor. 

I cannot even imagine all the time that I have spent trying to pick out the perfect stroller and corresponding car seat, changing stations, breast pumps, pack-n-plays… And I still haven’t been able to pick out a high chair, swing, or lounger!  In an effort be practical, I  am also trying to choose baby gear that is slightly gender-neutral so that it may be re-used in case we have a little girl in the future. 

Ah! The choices that must be made!  If anyone has any advice, or wishes to share their favorite baby gear ideas, please grace me with your knowledge!



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3 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Kathryn

    Now granted its been 10 years since we did this, but I know these products are still leaving happy mommies happy!
    Medela for the breast pump. They gave me one when Emily was born, and by the time Michael was around one of the little pieces was missing and I bought a less expensive one. After one week with the Evenflo, I ordered the little missing piece to the Medela. Biggest thumbs up? Didn’t make me feel like a cow being milked!

    The Diaper Champ-diaper pail that doesn’t require special bags or an engineering degree to use. TRUST me on this one.

    You need a Boppy. Those little U-shaped pillows that were originally made for nursing moms. I never got it to work quite right for that, but Michael still sleeps with his and its his pillow of choice. When he was just a few months old, he wanted to be held…all.the.time. including while he was sleeping. I would lay him down in his crib with the top of his head touching the bend of the U and then the ends of the U would be on his belly and back. Faked him out everytime. I also would use it as a prop pillow when he wasn’t *quite strong enough to keep his head and back up.

    Wait on the swing. Emily hated it, Michael loved it, but really, it only worked for about a month before it started gathering dust.

    With the high chair, we were given one when Emily was born and it was fantastic. Three different heights, three different reclining positions, and most importantly it was easy to wipe down!

    Hope that helps!

  2. Jodi Benberg

    All of this is so much fun, enjoy each minute of it!
    I LOVED my Medela double breastpump. I was able to get a new one covered by insurance with my last one. Check into that.
    I did simple with both my boys and it worked good. You have so much ‘stuff’ with kids that a busy room can look cluttered.
    Thinking of you lots as you go through this wonderful time.

  3. Kate Bates

    Make sure you go to the store and test drive your stroller!!!! I can not express this enough! I did not and just picked out the cutest one (and a pretty pricey one at that) and the way it rode was HORRIBLE!! I hated it. So make sure you go push the one you think you want around the store!! I couldn’t ever find bedding I wanted either (that wasn’t in the $1000’s of dollars range and there was no way that was happening) so my wonderful mother made Riley his bedding and it was so beautiful and just what I wanted!! Make sure you still have fun with all this it is such a blessing! Love you!

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