hula hula hula

Honolulu here I come! 

Today I am leaving to visit my parents, brothers, and of course, the family doggie, Izzy, in Hawaii.   (Sofia would be quite jealous if she knew who I was going to see; those two love each other!  Well, mostly, Sofia loves to tackle and wrestle Izzy to the point of utter exhaustion.)  I arrive tonight and will be staying until Monday evening, when I take the red-eye flight back to Los Angeles.  It’s a short trip, but I am absolutely thrilled.   The only problem is that Giuseppe was unable to take off work to join me, and I will miss him so!

We have four full days ahead of us. I plan to go to the beach every day.  I can’t wait to see Abby and little Harrison, as well as Dania and her family, with whom I plan to spend glorious afternoons at the beach!  I believe Mom has some parties planned for us to attend, as well as some festive evenings out in Honolulu. I’m sure I’ll come back quite tired, but also very tan!

Oh, and by the way, I finally found suitable swimwear: it’s a miracle!  I decided to go with an indigo-blue two piece.  I was so relieved to have found something decent.  Phew.



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  1. Courtney

    Of course your mom has parties planned for you to attend. I couldn’t imagine it any other way! 🙂 Have a wonderful, relaxing time, and tell your family hello. Miss you!

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