Last night, while watching Slumdog Millionaire (which is an amazing film) with Giuseppe, Zack, and Sofia, a 4.7-magnitude earthquake struck the greater Los Angeles area.  It was incredible; none of us had ever really felt an earthquake like this before!  We were all sitting on the sofa, when the entire house began to loudly shake.  None of reacted, which, in hindsight, is not such a great thing.  Dumbfounded, we just stayed on the sofa.  Sofia, who is supposed to have her animal sixth sense, did nothing to warn us, nor did she react in any way!  I would have expected her to pace about or behave nervously or something.  Nothing. She was as dumbstruck as we were.  I wonder if we can expect anymore quakes in the near future…


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  1. Katy Bates

    Haha! My grandfather in Laguna felt it, and when he went outside his neighbor was out there and hadn’t felt a thing. He had no idea anything had even happened until his wife (who is from TX) came in screaming! My grandfather got a pretty big kick out of that. He said it was a pretty long one. Mind you he has lived in CA for the last 25 years and about all through his childhood. He has felt his fare share of quakes. Glad to hear you are all okay! Once again so excited you are having a boy! Do you have any names yet?

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