It's a boy

What a surprise we had yesterday!  I was absolutely convinced that there was a baby girl in my belly.  When the technician told me that it was definitely a boy, I was so shocked.  And happy!  Giuseppe has already started looking for children’s rugby clubs…



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10 responses to “Surprise

  1. Dania Hill

    Yay for boys! They’re so much fun.

  2. Team Ocampo

    Congratulations!!! You’re going to have the cutest little baby-love! Boys are so much fun… trust us, we know. Your baby bump is just right and perfect for a two-piece. Go for the gusto and flaunt your new babymomma body! Much love.

  3. Lidia

    Uauhhhh!!!!Un bel maschietto…augurissimi!!
    Vedrai come è bello coccolare un frugoletto…tanti baci affettuosi ad una mamma splendida!!!

  4. Stephanie Kisgen

    Oh yeah for boy! Boys are so wonderful and LOVE their mommies. Congrats Brooke! Looks like that crib probably won’t do now though, haha- I loved that one too actually when I was first pregnant now knowing who was inside.

  5. Sylvia

    Congratulations! Wow a little Guiseppe! Maybe that ornate crib is not the best choice for a little macho man. My opinion on the swimsuit….I wore one piece suits for my first two pregnancies, but two piece suits for the last two and they looked good! You are the bomb girl…go for it~

  6. Homa

    A little boy!!!! how wonderfu! Although little girls are no less fun. Congratulations! I bet G feels twice as much a man now 😉

  7. Kate Bates

    Yippy!! I didn”t want to say anything, but I totally thought it was a boy!! I too was convinced as was chris when I was pregnant that Riley was a girl. Boys are so much fun and they LOVE their mommy’s! Congratulations!

  8. Cristiana

    Congratulations!!!!you look amazing in the belly photo, by the way!!XXX

  9. Jodi Benberg

    Congratulations! Boys are so much fun. My two little ones make me laugh each day. Little boys love to snuggle with their mommy and I love it so much. Enjoy this time – it is a miracle to have him growing inside of you!

  10. Hannah

    I am sooo excited for you Boys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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