Portrait, take two


Look at our adorable little peanut.  I chose these images because they are incredible shots of the baby’s profile. And look at her little belly. Could she be any cuter?  My ultrasound tech is such a sweet lady.  For the last visit, the baby was sleeping, so we had to wait a until she woke.  And the tech kept having to massage my belly to get the babe moving. It is so incredible to see her wave her arms and feet about in there!

No, we don’t know if it is officially a girl. I just have the strongest sensation that she is a girl.  (I could, of course, be wrong.)  Until we learn otherwise, I am going to probably continue referring to her as a girl.  I cannot wait to start collecting new baby items…I actually have purchased a few things, but I have had to exercise such restraint!



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4 responses to “Portrait, take two

  1. Lidia Albero

    Che meraviglia!!!Hai ragione è davvero incredibile poter osservare il suo profilo, le sue braccia, i suoi piedini…e come sta comodamente accoccolata dentro il pancione della sua mamma!!!Chi sta meglio di lei (o lui)????
    Un bacione alla mamma, al babbo e alla piccolina (o)dai nonni e dagli ziii

  2. Homa

    Lovely portrait of the little pea! It would be nice to see a picture of the pod with the pea in it. Are you showing yet? Would love to see a picture of you with the pooch.

  3. fiona slattery

    No words to describe how happy we are for you two!!!

  4. “She” is getting so big!!! 😉 If it is a “she”, then maybe we could hook her up with Gianni. Miss you…

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