La Festa di San Giuseppe

At the Festa di San Giuseppe

On March 19, Italians celebrate the Festa di San Giuseppe, (St. Joseph’s Day, which is also Italian Father’s Day), and the Italians of Orange County gathered as well.  Giuseppe and I drove down to San Juan Capestrano, about 30 minutes south of Newport Beach, to join the festivities.  The festival was held at the Mission of San Juan Capestrano, and it was a fabulous event.  The “sister” city of San Juan Capestrano is the Italian town of Capistrano in Abruzzo, Italy.   In addition to local Italian vendors and restaurants, several vendors from Capistrano, Italy were present. There were artists, photographers, artisans, cheese vendors, oil vendors, and, of course, candy vendors.  (For those of you who remember, our wedding favors were calalillies with candies wrapped in the center. The candies were from Sulmona, in Abruzzo, and these delicious little candies were available for sale at the festival! We bought, and quickly devoured, some of these little bites of deliciousness.)

At the festival, Giuseppe and I mingled with the local Italians, and we met some of the members of the Orange County Italian Cultural Association (OCICA). Giuseppe was absolutely delighted… So much so that we went to an OCICA event last week. We attended a local showing of the controversial film, Gommorah.  I enjoyed viewing the film, but I must say that it was very difficult to follow, as it was entirely in Neopolitan dialect.  Siamo cosi’ contenti a fare parte della communita’ italiana qui a Newport Beach!


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