A few weeks ago, Giuseppe and I traveled down to our favorite California city, San Diego.  We go there often, usually to stay on the lovely isle of Coronado and enjoy the stupendous beaches.  The added bonus of San Diego is that Zack lives there, as do several of our friends.  This time, we were going down to San Diego to meet up with a gaggle of friends from Italy. One couple was in passing from Newport, Rhode Island to Hawaii, another couple was visiting from Phoenix, and another was visiting from Naples, Italy.  It was a fabulous little reunion.

We spent the morning at the amazing San Diego Zoo.  After we walked through the gates, the first thing we saw was a beautiful flock of flamingoes and the cheekiest peacock I have ever seen. This little guy was the absolute essence of a peacock.   And, oh, did he strut.  As soon as enough people were paying attention, he would fan out his feathers, and walk and twirl as if he were on the catwalk. All he needed was a good DJ and the show would have been complete.

Needless to say, the zoo was amazing.  We saw all the exhibits and the animals were all so lively and fun to watch.  I think we walked at least ten miles.  (Or so it seemed to my pregnant body.)   After the zoo, we drove, of course, out to Coronado Island, where we all dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Miguel’s.  The funny thing was that our friends suggested it for lunch, and at first, not realizing that it was the same place, Giuseppe and I were disappointed as we wanted to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Lucky for us, it was the same place.  We ate deliciously, of course, and finished off the afternoon by walking down the gorgerous beaches and then stopping for some Italian caffe’.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t ingest any.)

It was a beautiful day.


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