So, I have joined the ranks of the infinite bloggers.

Living so far from our family friends, I have decided to better document our lives in southern California.  It is impossible to believe that we left bella Napoli seven months ago…I dream each day of the salty, sparkling Mediterranean, the simple yet extravagant cuisine, our little apartment in Pozzuoli overlooking the bay, the noise and chaos, my little students, the rugby games, the amazing travels.  Mostly, I miss our family and friends. 

California is sunny and beautiful. We are as happy as can be to be living here, so near the breathtaking Pacific.  It has been an incredible year for us, with amazing changes.  And since we have received the news of the most amazing change of all, it is time to stay better connected both with our loved ones and the world we live in.


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  1. fiona slattery

    Yep…. definitely a peanut!!!

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